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11-01-2010, 07:05 AM
Originally Posted by moonseye View Post
There is a first time for everything as designs have to come from somewhere.
People said I was a pessimist when, several months ago in a Caitian thread, I pointed out how slim the chance was to get the Kzinti ingame.
I pointed out it would probably not be possible for legal reasons and that similar problems had prevented other games, like SFC2, from using the name.
Interplay had to rename them Mirak and change a bit of history for that race.
People said the Kzinti would come no matter how many examples how difficult the legal situation would make it I mentioned.
I also said I want to be wrong but it's not that easy.
And unfortunately I was right.
I hope I'm wrong this time but when the ship was previously published somewhere else and not published as part of a contest for the first time I think it's going to be very difficult...