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11-01-2010, 07:28 AM
Originally Posted by PlagueStarter
Let me rephrase. It was 5 fed vs 4 klinks. We stomped 4 klinks for the price of one with one of our guys afk so it was pretty much 4v4.
This post goes against the "Klingons are OP" belief sponsored by fed players and may result in your fed liscensed being revoked. :p

Then the klinks hide. And hide. And hide... Takes 3 to 4 min for another series of combat and at that time it was 5 feds vs 9 klinks. And we can't cloak and hide like abunch of baddies. so... Fix the ques and make it so klinks can't hide from the feds. I understand the surprise attack portion. Put a 60 second timer on it.
While I find the hiding to grief to be cowardly and do not agree with the tactic, a timer on cloaking is silly as TaTas on an oak tree and will serve no purpose except to strip the KDF of on of its defining cultural characteristics.
Poorly disguised "Nerf Cloaking" thread is all I see.