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11-01-2010, 09:15 AM
Biggest 'aw crap' moments

1)when the ceiling fell - Great, they are gonna ambush me, I just know now I am just tense for it.

2)Spiders. - awful and creepy at the same time....

3)Stepping into the hall way and you see dozens of Devids appear - I couldn't back out fast enough!

I did get in and trigger the consoles, so that may have helped my fight a bit. Honestly, I had heard chatter on it being a tough ground mission, so I heavily respec'ed a sci officer for just healing and exposes. That did a fantastic job there, preventing team wipes on advanced, and generating some good exposes. (So yes, it improved my ground team !!)

I am *SSOO* looking forward to next week. Our fleet is going to let everyone do 'solo runs' to enjoy the mission, and we are grouping up for an "All Captains" run on elite to have fun together.