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# 44 Feedback/ Boss advice
11-01-2010, 08:25 AM
It was a great mission however the flashlight didn't work at all for me so the second level was a bit hit and miss and i kept getting stuck, also the science objective only popped up for me after the vents were no longer a threat anyway making that objective seem a little redundant, however i loved absolutely every other aspect of the mission: especially the logs scattered around, i wanted to come accross more though to get into a bigger mystery.

take out the minions first and use the proton rifle. When you see that "hold" bar- what's actually happening is the devidians are draining your life and healing themselves: hit a hypo ASAP when you see that bar and they won't be able to heal; you will keep your health. this is also a good time to hit them with the proton rifle's secondary fire: they take more damage in this state; at captain level my klingon took phantasm out in 2 secondary strikes these were both exploits and were almost as quick as the cooldown due to the rapid naature of exposing pistols. Another tip is to use dual pistols or wide beam pistols as these provide exposes far more frequently than rifles: the proton exploit destroys chains of devidians in one hit if you've damaged them to about half health first and get an expose (captain level) and is almost as deadly at VA. Using mainly the proton rifle will provide greater straight up damage, but using an exposing pistol has more damage potential through the expose/exploit system- it's a choice you'll need to consider but in my experience maining a pistol gave a shorter fight than maining the proton rifle.
Give a BO the powerful single heals and a group heal ability then set that BO to passive: they won't attack so can heal as soon as your team needs it. You can't rely on them however as they may get held, should this happen try to heal them if possible; if not, hide them round a corner until they regain health. Try to have a pacifying power for yourself so you can lose aggro and look after your team better.

Stay in the corridors so you can get out of Line of Sight quickly if you are taking heavy damage. Remember you can also do this with your BOs to get them out of danger: they won't break off the fight until you set to passive though so quick mouse action is required. Flanking is not necessary to defeat the boss: your normal group damage output is more than sufficient to defeat him when the mobs are all gone.

Finally, use Y. Pick a target, hit y and your whole team will fire on it, making short work of it. Take the mobs out one at a time until only phantasm remains: he's not as scary when he can't heal back to full health anytime he wants. I suggest dual/wide beam pistols for your team to grab more exposes than would otherwise be possible.

In summary:
-hypos as soon as "hold" appears. To be safe 20 for use in the boss fight and another 20 for the rest of the mission as a minimum
-use rapid AoE expose weapons like dual pistols, don't just bring them, make them your main weapon
-wait until the mobs are feeding from you or BOs (the held state) OR are exposed and then fire proton secondary
-set a BO with triage and medical tricorder to passive: they will focus on healing
-mobs first and then phantasm
-stay in the corridor
- use the Y key

I have played this mission on normal on a captain 4 klingon and a VA1 fed: both science. Using this method the second time through (the klingon) the final battle took was over very quickly; none of my BOs went below half health. The first time my BOs were all killed and i took a long tome to complete the fight.