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11-01-2010, 09:11 AM
Originally Posted by Chaddington
Hey guys,

The critter groups I have been making and redesigning are harder then the normal groups... They should be a pushover on normal and a really challenging fight on Elite. This is meant to really add a challenge to the game that wasn't really there on elite previously. The critters I have done so far are hard by design (Breen, Fek'Ihri ground, Devidian revamp) but everything that I have done so far has a counter to it... it's about finding the counter and working with your BOFF's and teammates to overcome them critters on Elite. That being said.. I am trying to do more then just up the damage.. so I will take the feedback and work the numbers a bit more =)...
Tossing in my two cents.. in another thread you made a comment about expecting "5-10 wipes at the (Devidian) boss encounter". I really hope you're not designing these encounters while thinking something along the lines of "the players should be able to whittle their way through this encounter in roughly 5-10 wipes". That is basically "zerging", and while that may be ok with people who play on normal mode, I feel fairly confident suggesting that's not the type of encounter most people who play on the hardest difficulty level are looking for.

I play on elite because, for me, the other modes are easy to the point of being boring. Using most of my abilities is optional on advanced mode - that's boring. Heck, on normal mode my entire participation in the fight is optional if I'm willing to just sit back and watch my bridge officers clean house - boring as well. But what's also boring is having to run back and forth from the spawn point to the fight just to wear down an opponent (i.e. zerging) on elite mode.

Elite mode, to me, means a group won't wipe as long as the players do everything right. A battle plan should never have to include throwing yourself at the enemy group repeatedly to wear it down. I would rather the entire enemy group respawn completely intact on a wipe as long as its reasonably possible to beat them without wiping in the first place, because then it becomes very clear when I'm tackling an encounter correctly or not.

As far as damage output goes, a critter should be able to kill a player when the player fails to react quickly enough, but not because its attack is set to do more damage than the player can possibly have in health. That's unreasonable. The highest difficulty setting should be about requiring skilled play, not challenging the unfair.

Finally, people who have the equipment and skill to play on elite should be able to win with a well rounded group - we want to have fun with that aspect of the game too. Bringing a team of medics or having some gimmick setup (i.e. an all turret group) shouldn't be a requirement.