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11-01-2010, 10:34 AM
Excellent mission Cryptic! The first mission in the arc was pretty good (nice having the 3-faction space battle), but the Axon was fairly straight forward and somewhat anticlimactic. The second mission was alright for a non-combat episode, but the puzzle was easily solvable by process of elimination as opposed to thinking it out from the clues. But this episode, very little to complain about.

-Loved the new tech: Sliding doors. Much better than the interactable door in missions such as "War is Good for Business"
-Flashlight: Awesome idea but it didn't work great for me. Then again it could probably be my graphic settings. (I'm an away from hone Uni student and only have my laptop. It's average for gaming, but I can only set 2/3 on the graphics slider unlike maxing it on my home PC.) But all I saw was a spot of light directly ahead of me.
-Voice-Overs: Yes, yes and YES. Hearing Gein singing "Bonnie-Kin" was absolutely creepy. I would love to see many more voice-overs in the future.
-Ambient Music and Effects: Definitely added towards a more immersive experience.
-Non-Intrusive Dialogue Boxes: Thank you. Much more seamless gameplay

A couple issues though. First, when I read the first log after Gein killed the woman, the mystery was totally destroyed for me. The character was blacked-out, but still had the hologram flicker every few seconds. I was like "Woah. Empty room and murdered woman How did this...Oh. Hologram. w/e" Another one was the final boss fight. I did all the bonus objectives and activated all the defense consoles, but then when I read the forums today that I realize that they had to be activated in the final room to be useful??? With the omnipotence my Boffs usually show they definitely fell off the ball on notifying me about that :p

All in all. Best. Episode. Yet. Keep it up