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11-01-2010, 10:53 AM
Originally Posted by Chaddington
Hey guys,

The critter groups I have been making and redesigning are harder then the normal groups... They should be a pushover on normal and a really challenging fight on Elite. This is meant to really add a challenge to the game that wasn't really there on elite previously. The critters I have done so far are hard by design (Breen, Fek'Ihri ground, Devidian revamp) but everything that I have done so far has a counter to it... it's about finding the counter and working with your BOFF's and teammates to overcome them critters on Elite. That being said.. I am trying to do more then just up the damage.. so I will take the feedback and work the numbers a bit more =)...

Thanks and enjoy your Halloween Weekend

Glad to hear that you are trying to do more than just up the damage. More damage just makes the fight take longer, it most certainly does not make it more fun or challenging.

However, one thing I noticed was the "Visitor" level Devidians were able to take me out with one shot, from full health to nothing. They did NOT do that in the first episode, I could take a shot or two and that was without the tribble buff even. I had my triolic tribble buff and to my knowledge would only draw one or two of them away from the group. The bigger guys (whatever is above visitor) and the boss seem to only one-shot kill if you are within a certain proximity to them. It really was the "Visitors" I had the hardest time with on Elite.

I only wiped a few times on the Boss and that was due to dying while trying to get my BOs in a good position, after deciding to take the fight to the far end of the hallway, it went as I'd have expected it to. Pretty much like the first weeks fight.

I find challenging boss fights to be fun when their is some interesting twist involved, either a specific time when they are vulnerable, or having to destroy certain environmental objects or just something other than whittling down a huge amount of HP while avoiding one-shot kills. I'd even think it cool if you could only damage a boss by doing flanking damage, little things like that to separate a "boss" from a normal enemy.

With the damage glitches in this game, it's the "normal" enemies on Elite that can be the most frustrating due to having very few tactical ways of dealing with them beyond trying to lure them into a position where you can run around rezing one-shot BOs while my other BOs whittle them down.