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11-01-2010, 10:08 AM
Originally Posted by Cosmic_One View Post
When you play on advanced+ you need to be more careful of your targets. Start with the Umbrals. Once they're out of the way you can divide your, and the BO's, time between the two bosses. I prefer to focus on the secondary boss (Eidonian?) while my BO's focus on the Phantasm. Once I drop him I move on to help with the Phantasm while picking off the minions. 6 alts played through the mission so far and only the Klingon has died; but he died twice.
As well as this: use hypos- they instantly break the hold that the devidians use to damage and heal themselves. Hit it as soon as you get the held bar and you rob the devidians of their greatest advantage.

AS for bugs- i only came accross a few
- the door that locks behind you: it was interactable before i got the message saying i'd been locked in
- the flashlight just didn't work at all on my system
- the science objective came up after i'd gone through the vents and they'd no longer been a threat
- there was a dialog option that came up about the flashlight going out but it had gone before i could get close to clicking on it.

The rest of the mission was brilliant with special mention going to how well the atmosphere was developed.