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11-01-2010, 11:12 AM
I don't do much RPing on MMOs anymore for a variety of reasons, but I never wrote bios. Ever.

My opinion (and this is only an opinion) is that, if you're going to RP, do it right. People do not have their autobiography tattooed to their foreheads, so simply looking at a character should not tell you their entire backstory.

Perhaps more importantly, it removes a lot of RP potential and relegates to a "alreadly know that" category even among strangers. For instance, why would I bother asking you why you joined Starfleet if I've already read it in your bio? Introduction RP is often very interesting because, as with the real world, it makes a first impression. If you can just read a bio, then all of that RP - and a sense of mystery - is lost.