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11-01-2010, 03:21 PM
I don't have a problem with an enemy having a one shot kill ... as long as I can get one of my BO's to revive me before he does it again.

The problem is that those mobs who can one shot kill you can do it once every two seconds and just go on a bloody spree.

The biggest problem I'm having lately is the "Breh" or at least something close to that. They dual weild pistols and thier commanders can wipe out an entire away team in one shot, and do so often.

OMG it seems like every ground mission in B'Tran lately I get stuck trying to tackle these guys. I thought I was making progress at one point untill I realised they respawn every time I get wiped.

Now I don't mind an elite mob pwning me now and then, in fact I expect that to happen sometimes.
What I don't expect is for mobs to be so overpowered that there is nothing you can do except zerg until you eventually get lucky and he just doesn't use that attack, or misses, or whatever.
There is no tactics, there is no approach, there is only you standing full HP/full shield then *bang* you on the floor calling for help, only to watch your team go down one at a time beside you.

The Breh (If I have that right) are a constant pain for me, the devidians in the weekly I can get over.
It did suck at the time, I actually went into the mission without even thinking about my difficulty being set to elite, but I eventually killed them all. It probably would have helped if I had realized that I could go into the room and actiuvate the consoles, instead I kept pulling them to the hallway and never entered the room till it was over a dozen injuries later. None the less their ability to one hit kill was very frustrating. Once I shot at one they would do thier life drain thing right away and kill me in one go, all I could do was watch. It's to bad that triolic tribble buff has no noticable effect whatsoever.

Seriously ... what good is a resistance vs when it's still a one hit kill?