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11-01-2010, 02:21 PM
Piwright42, my reply was more aimed at AKfourtyseven in relation to my "L2P" comments.

It was aimed to everyone in relation to the direction of the topic, I agree I may have been somwhat assertive in it, yet sometimes it is needed I believe.

Nevertheless, it is funny you are posting the Squirel, because, you are the one that takes it personally (thinking that you are being patronized and not respected) not me.

Now, Husanak, the uniqueness does not always come from Shoe Boxing everything, the uniqueness comes also from the Players, ourselves, because each and every one of us are unique we have a different style of play different preferences.

That said, I am not sure where you see me saying that Ship Classes are not Trek? When I am suggesting a system that is more consistent with Trek, and anyone that has even a slight interest in the technology of Trek, know that there are many different classes of Ships, mainly because Roddenberry himself based his inspiration on WWII Naval Combat, but also because there has been years and years and tons of documentation on it.

Gunboats, Scouts, Destroyers, Frigates, Cruisers, Battlecruisers, Battleships, Dreadnoughts, Carriers, and fightercraft, blockade runners, are all Ship classes of Trek tech Lore.

But that is not what we are directly questioning here, what we are questioning and trying to discuss is the way that all this technology of the StarShips of Star Trek is represented in this game.

I think the way that Ships and their Crews are represented in the game could be more consistent mechanically to Star Trek Technology as has been established in the past 40 years rather than a Fantasy game.

Currently the system is not based on the technological aspect of the Ships themselves but rather on the BO's and their Powers, which creates inconsistencies.

Like the example of the Tractor Beam, which is supposed to be a Ship Equipment, it is an inconsistency, according to Trek Tech Lore, all ships are equipped with one, it is part of standard operations.

Also all ships equipped with Phasers have various modes of operations same as with Torpedo Launchers.

That being said there are several types of Phasers, and several types of Torpedo Launchers, some can launch Spreads of various yields some cannot.

The torpedo launcher equipped at the top of the DS-9 Runabouts is not the same as the one equipped on board a Galaxy ship or a Miranda Class ship.

So Ships, and also the rendition of their capabilities and operations are inconsistent with Star Trek in this game in most respects expect a couple which includes the Looks.

Each ship has different complement of Torpedo loads as well, these are a finite ammunition in the Trek Lore and not unlimited as they are in the game, this is another inconsistency.

(Mind you this is something to think about if we are to ever have some type of proper manufacturing (crafting) in this game, making torpedoes is a fine example provided the player needs to replenish their load, and how many they can have depends on each class of ship too, which in and of itself makes each class unique in that regard).

In Trek Lore all Ships Classes are not equal, each class is how can you say that I am proposing to make them all equal and the same by proposing to make them more consistent with Trek Tech Lore, in which these are already unique?