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11-01-2010, 03:00 PM
Originally Posted by evilhippo View Post
Um, yeah... but really I want a Klingon version, not just the exact same thing the Feds have.
but ... there IS only this exact same thing...
there never was and there never should be a Klingon version of it -> nobody needs non canon BS!

you want diffrent random klingon clothing stuff? me too! (well but i am not complaining because i know i get stuff for my KDF Gorn soon enough!)
but that has nothing to do with this item, so why spam this thread?

you people just spam every single thread for any Fed Item with "Me Klingon! Me wantz have shiny new stuff too!"... this isn't helping and you will not get things faster that way.
be happy if you don't have to spend C-Points for the stuff you get!

Why not try something constructive for once?
why not suggest a poll for Klingon Clothing options like the one that is up with FED only stuff?