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11-01-2010, 05:22 PM
Q: chevenix: Could we get "endless" sectors with the exploration revamp? I mean, is it technically possible to create really huge sectors or you guys have a better idea on creating the feeling that space is endless?

A: We certainly could do this - but would it be fun? The first step we have on "revamping" exploration is to come up with a concept for what exploration gameplay should be like in STO. Once we create an area in the game that truly feels like you are exploring - then we can start to replicate that success and continue to add more locations that you have traveling into the unknown.
Recently I replayed the "Rapier" mission inside the Bajoran Wormhole. A similar type of irregular layout might work for a revamped exploration sector, with a different layout for Delta Volanis, Rotor Nebula, T'Ong Nebula, et alia.

Since the style has to fit in with the revamped Sector Space, perhaps ship scanners should be more important. Once arriving in the unexplored area a periodic sensor sweep will bring the icons out on the map. Instead of "Delta Volanis Anomaly", there would be several types with several icons: Unexplored Planetary System, Enemy Detected, Physical/Energy/Tech Anomaly. Players with higher Diplomacy levels might see First Contact-type missions.

I also imagine Delta Volanis perhaps connecting to Beta Ursae or Rolor. But the path isn't always there. I don't know if it's possible to do that with the tech you have.