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11-01-2010, 05:30 PM
"A: We have no official PVP updates planned for Season 3 as we are primarily focused on the Foundry. We are however working on some Open PVP map tech and I wouldn't be surprised to see us release an Open PVP zone in the near future. We are also working on ways to incorporate new PVP maps into future content updates."
Yay, open PVP zone might be getting some love, now I am glad I resubbed.
(I was just coming in to see the new KDF ships, my Nausicaan captain is waiting it like xmas.)
This is something that would actually keep me interested (re-subbed...) longer, arena pvp... it is a bit meh, sure a nice way to level up to level cap but it gets boring after a while and I ditch the subscription again.

Now gimme a Nausicaan vessel with some dps punch, keep news of pvp improvements and improvements coming up... leaderboards, what have ya.