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11-01-2010, 05:34 PM
I agree with bfelczer; that was an awesomely quick posting of the Ask Cryptic! Thanks for that! (Also, w00t! One of my question was answered, yea!)

I'm really looking forward to Season 4, especially since it will involve crew/officer updates (along with, hopefully, ship interior updates). New ships and a new level cap of 61 sound very exciting as well.

I'm glad that some of the story lines are going to be revisited. I'm currently thinking/writing about the Hirogen and Romulan parts of the game to hopefully do a couple of episodes with the Foundry. I'm a huge VOY fan, and I'm looking forward to creating a couple episodes about how the Hirogen agreed to help Selas, along with the Empress' consequences of partnering with the Hunters.

I'm especially happy that there are plans for more feature episodes. They are probably my current favorite part of the game, and I'm really glad that you plan on making more after Season 3. (Thanks for answering my question, dstahl!)

Breeding and controlling Targs? Yes, please!

I'd love to see a TOS bridge (along with an ENT one as well!), and I'm looking forward to updates for other bridges. *cough* Intrepid variants *cough*

I'm looking forward to what the reworked DSEs and Sector Space will be like.

I can't wait to be able to fly a D'deridex with my Romulan character!

I'm hoping the Expanded Crew update will include options for us to name other senior staff than our First Officer (CMO, Chief Engineer, Helm/Conn, Chief Tactical, etc).

Please, please, please make the Sitting in Chairs tech hit our ship interiors as quickly as possible after the social areas. Please?

Lots of good info in this Ask Cryptic (mainly for things for Season 4 or beyond, but some interesting things for between now and then). Thanks for the answers, dstahl!

Now, *ahem* when can we get the Foundry into Open Beta on Tribble?