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11-01-2010, 06:07 PM
The demo should give more inside looks to the game.

It's not necessary to make it a whole playable game. I suggest the following:

- Tutorial
- Azura
- the first patrol
- one run at delta volanis
- one run at Sirius DSEs
- Starbase 24
- Diplomatic Mission on Vulcan

So the demo covers almost every part of the game that is of interest. You see the different types of missions and get a fare share of playtime to gain interest and get first inside looks into the game mechanics.

The next best thing is to buy the game and buy a GTC for 60 days (=90 days playtime) or subscribe for at least one month (=60 days playtime).
THAT is an excellent idea and if i remember correctly, those wouldn't even get us up to Lt. Commander rank, so it isn't really too far into the game anyway, just a glimpse