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11-01-2010, 06:54 PM
Originally Posted by tranceaddict View Post
Here is another li'l gem: /GenJailUnlock 1

Have you ever tried to reposition your HUD elements and found that some overlap? Using the main menu's "Rearrange HUD" has it's drawbacks. By using the above command you unlock the positions of all you HUD elements as they appear on you screen.

Now, you can drag each element to the position you want. When complete just type the command again as: /GenJailUnlock 0. Now your elements are locked in position once more.

Here is my HUD. You can see that I've moved the MSD to the lower right corner and stacked the Engine slider and Presets on top. Above that is the team HUD and above that(you can't see it) is the target self HUD. I've pushed my power tray to the lower left and stacked the Weapons HUD element on top with the BridgeCrew Tray along the bottom. I've also move the target lock HUD and target of my target HUD (you can't see that one here) down from the top to the bottom.

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