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What happened to the running toons? They crank their arms in a most ungainly fashion now, and drop their heads like they intend to use horns on the enemy. It looks more like a formalized olympic sprint meet than how people run in combat with gear.

I didn't like the change on my male toons, but absolutely hate it for females. How do I address this delicately (and not get an infraction)? The arm movements are rather butch, and certain parts of the anatomy no longer move naturally. I imagine this will detract from the "eye candy" effect for the majority of male players behind those female toons, and I imagine it will be difficult to relate to for the smaller number of women using female toons to reflect themselves.

I seem to remember something like this before, and having it changed to what we had before the last patch. Dear devs... please change the running back the way it was, at least for the women but preferably for everyone.