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11-01-2010, 08:34 PM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
(And if they ever do an expansion, digital or retail, I'd love Dukat to headline it as the big villain. I think he could come back to really mess things up. and nothing would get me to preorder faster than a Marc Alaimo voiced trailer.)
Seconded and I know of a way to do it that would take in a decent number of the DS9 relaunch series of books.

Anyways, after crunching the numbers, I've figured out that when we last saw McCoy, on film at anyrate, he was 137 years old. 45 years have passed since then which would make him 182 years old if he was still alive. That would make him about as old, in fact three years older, as a certain green blooded Vulcan. And considering that's not a Vulcan he's probably buried in the south somewhere.

Scotty was 72 years old when the Jenolan crashed on the Dyson Sphere and he locked himself in a transporter for 75 years. Which means when he came out he was chronologically a man of 147 years, though physically only a man of 72. 40 years have passed since then and if Scotty is still alive he would be a man of chronologically 187 years of age, but physically only a man of 112 years. Since McCoy was alive and well at 137 years old there's no reason why Scotty couldn't be at 112.