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11-01-2010, 10:02 PM
Originally Posted by KhansWrath
whats all this about federation battleships? the kdf dont have no battleships, and they really should, they dont build ships to explore they build ships to CONQUER
If memory serves me right, I think the Nehg'var is a battle ship. But if it isn't, they should make a dedicated Battle ship in game, something big and gruesome. Both sides needs a big, we built it for battle, style battle ship to fight each other with, big and gruesome, and powerful. (minus gruesome on the feds side of course.)

And before I hear "Feds don't build war ships...." I would like to point out, while they don't build dedicated, war operation only vessels, they have, and would build a ship that functions in the capacity of a battle ship to match their enemies. It goes back to the whole, you build one, I build one mentality, which frankly is smarter then lets not build a comparable ship to our enemies new, and improved combat vessel. War has proven that once one person builds a fancy new war machine, their enemies will soon have their own version following pretty soon after. (At least if that faction had any intelligence and desire to survive and win.)