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11-01-2010, 10:41 PM
One "run" at stuff is ridiculous. Someone will do it, and then be told "Nope can't do it again" and get annoyed. You guys think MY idea is bad but the truth is a LOT of players hate Tier 1 and get bored of it and even though I enjoy tier 1 I also here "The game really begins after you get your first escort/cruiser/science vessel" and if this is the case then what is wrong with letting the demo level you up to 10 and stop you right before you get a new ship?

If you want you can play the demo infinitely, stay at level 10, RP with people, whatever but you aren't going to really be doing anything. But I find it hard to believe a ton of people would sit there at level 10 with tier 1 stuff if they really enjoy the game.