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11-02-2010, 12:32 AM
Originally Posted by Combadge
Tossing in my two cents.. in another thread you made a comment about expecting "5-10 wipes at the (Devidian) boss encounter". I really hope you're not designing these encounters while thinking something along the lines of "the players should be able to whittle their way through this encounter in roughly 5-10 wipes". That is basically "zerging", and while that may be ok with people who play on normal mode, I feel fairly confident suggesting that's not the type of encounter most people who play on the hardest difficulty level are looking for.
I have to agree. I hate it when I die and have to respawn. Sometimes it happens. Unfortunately, I'd say it happens too often thanks to BOs being so stupid (won't back away from melee mobs even when they are overwhelmed and you try to give them a command to move to a new location). But whenever I wipe I consider that to be something of a failure. I like to get through a mission without fully wiping once. As long as one person stays up and can revive then so be it, but wiping sucks. If wiping is an expected part of a mission then I find that to just be a serious disappointment.

Another problem is if you are wiping on Elite then you are racking up injuries at a fast pace. Even if you bring enough regenerators (which I'm pretty sure most elite players do) you're wasting a lot of money using them. If you happen to go down and then get revived and go down again before using a regenerator then you're nursing a critical which you likely can't get rid of due to lack of drops.

How about giving us the option to buy Critical Regenerators? For that matter why not allow us to replicate the regenerators on the ground for some reason. It's just kind of a pain to have to carry around stacks of regenerators. It's not hard to do, but we have to keep going out of our way to buy them, and we have less inventory space since they are taking up slots.