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11-02-2010, 04:43 AM
Just a quick couple of random thoughts from the Q/A.

Spawn rates of the Breen ships. The only one that needs adjusting is Ishtap.. the others spawn at just about the right rate. If my 3 toons doing Defra dailies almost daily still haven't seen Ishtap, something is wrong somewhere.

Open PvP,

If this is introduced, please make sure this open PvP sector is WAY AWAY FROM ANYWHERE, and that PvE'rs would have NO reason to go there. I for one don't like PvP, don't do PvP, don't want to do PvP, so putting an open PvP zone in (say) Eta Eriadne (sp) would not be a good move.

Changing Diplomatic Immunity to be able to be self cast, and have it work for PvP challenges as well as DSE's would also be a idea.