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11-02-2010, 04:59 AM
Originally Posted by Rikaelus View Post
I've probably seen all the episodes... watched them as a kid, right alongside The Monkeys and The Gong Show... but I sure as heck can't quote the characters or cite the episodes. In my little reality it doesn't much exist. It makes Star Trek a lot easier to understand if you ignore the plethora of inconsistencies TOS gave us.
Admittedly when ToS was written the very idea of having canon for a series didn't even exist. But in interviews writers for the later series have said that they just flat out ignored canon whenever it was convenient for them or the storyline. Because of this ToS is no more or less inconsistent that any of the other series.

Originally Posted by Ryokan View Post
Who appointed you judge of who is or who is not a Star Trek fan?
I was obviously stating my opinion. Something that shouldn't have to be written in the preface of every post.

Who appointed you as the validator of opinions? (You're right. Spelled out like that it does make your question look stupid.)