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11-02-2010, 06:53 AM
We have seen some content coming towards the klingon faction which is great.

Now my question is kinda spread into a few, so hopefully they are easy to answer, first off. Whats going on with the veteran rewards. We thank you for giving us a 200 vet reward but what about a 100 day vet reward, 300 ect. Is the 300 day vet reward thats been planned for the feds able to be given to klinks also? And also other vet rewards in the future. Has there been a change after the dicussions on klinks about rewards so that we dont see the klinks left out in future installements of awards ect?

During your vote/pole system for the next klingon ship, What is going on with the cryptic designed klingon ship, there hasnt been anything mentioned on that end and whats goin on with it. Care to share some info??

And finally, what other cool things other then crafting/raiding are we looking for to come to the klingon side to flush that faction out in terms of content? More pve missions like the feds have ect...??