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11-02-2010, 07:04 AM
That chance is long gone. Currently, the game consists of 90% combat. How would you balance a battleship against the existing categories? "Big and sturdy" is already covered by the existing cruisers. You can't just top that off by slapping a couple more phaser banks and launchers onto the hull, as that would clearly unbalance the entire game.

By the way, the playable KDF Negh'var is "only" a cruiser as well, comparable to the T5 Fed ones. Doesn't really fit, but that's balancing.

Yes, fights against dreadnoughts can be fun (did one yesterday), but that would only work if you make the match a 1-vs-5.

Originally Posted by Dakota2063 View Post
And before I hear "Feds don't build war ships...." I would like to point out, while they don't build dedicated, war operation only vessels, they have, and would build a ship that functions in the capacity of a battle ship to match their enemies.
That doesn't quite work out. You can't match a top-of-the-line dedicated battleship with something that is simply not as dedicated to performing this job.

Also, as we have seen in the shows, the Federation does not employ the "arms race" mentality (presumably as it would hinder its diplomatic efforts, but also because Roddenberry was an idealist).