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11-02-2010, 09:08 AM
To: Vice Admiral Jonathon Stipe
From: Vice Admiral Kiikii Hseii
CC: Starfleet Corp of Engineers

Perhaps the solution to you defense problem would be to employ a Separation sequence like those used on the Galaxy and derivative designs. The engineering and medical facilities could be dropped off of say a warp capable saucer design. A junior officer command the support section (also warp capable) which can then provide support via a phaser turret, and perhaps provide support in a manner you suggested, while the saucer’s captain commands the ‘battle’ portion of the vessel to defend the support section. This section could be made maneuverable enough to provide useful firepower in the form of either heavy or normal cannons, in addition to normal beam weapons. A sort of Escort/Cruiser hybrid similar to the Galaxy-X.

(Game Translation: The ship divides and the captain commands a fast escort-like saucer that can mount beams, turrets, or cannons, but not torpedoes like the original author suggested. The support section mounts a turret, and can perhaps employ engineering team 1 and transfer shield strength 1 to its captains vessel and other ships. It could be argued to drop the turret in favor of tractor beam 1, but I wouldn’t recommend it. As for the ship, it would have 2 sets of warp drive. One on the support ship (pylon mounted probably), and something imbedded like a defiant on the battle saucer. I think Cryptic could make this work)