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11-02-2010, 09:10 AM
Originally Posted by Saaxton View Post
Is it just me, or is anyone else tired of this? If a large number of players are requesting something, stop asking yourself if it would be fun and give them what they want. Yes, most of us are here to have fun. But for a large number of us (myself included), we want to know that there's a seemingly unlimited universe out there waiting to be explored. I want to feel like there's a living, breathing space out there, teeming with undiscovered life...not feel like I'm in a holodeck simulation with a bad memory buffer.
I (respectfully) disagree. It's not about the feature, but the implementation of it. I imagine they could, right now, shovel in an "expanding sector" exploration space, an Open PvP sector, and a whole number of features that players, numerous and not so numerous, are calling for... but without some thought into putting it in, we'll get another Memory Alpha: Functional but kind of pants and bland, and just about impossible to just tear out and re-implement from scratch. For me, I would prefer they come up with something actually fun and get it right the first time.

This is, of course, entirely my opinion.