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11-02-2010, 09:55 AM
To: Vice Admiral Jonathon Stipe
From: Photonic Technology Insitute
CC: Cryptic Design Division, Starfleet Corps of Engineers

Regarding the Photonic Decoy System,

We find it a more achievable, and ultimately more effective procedure for the emitters to simulate a single duplicate vessel which initially "spawns" overlaping the base ship. This decoy then moves independently of the projecting vessel using proven AI combat algorithms, causing the two to appear to split appart as they pursue seperate manuvers. The decoy would be armed with only cosmetic weapons - giving the appearance of firing beams at attacker but delivering little or no actual damage. The MADAM's limited weapon slots could serve to enhance this ruse - this implementation of photonic decoy technology would share the MADAM's lack of kinetic-kill weaponry.

Under ideal circumstances, 50% of all hostile target locks would randomly be transfered to the decoy at the time of activation, making it imposible for attacker to be (initially) certain they are firing on the projector or the decoy. Only careful observation of the ship's behavior after that would allow astute enemy captains to select the "correct" target to engage.

I hope these limitation and advantages of the system we currently have under test will meet with your aproval in your fascinating attempt to expand Federation tactical doctrine.