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11-02-2010, 11:09 AM
The idea for the strategy ground battle map with the use of your bridge officers. It is a resource control map on a small asteroid with shield around it for a atmosphere. It would have very low gravity and you run around it pretty fast. So you could see the shield and stars on the the rock faced asteroid with some craters.

This would be different than the space capture and hold. Instead of capturing a node and waiting for the node turn before it gives you points. You want to hold more nodes longer than your opponents. There is a damping field around the asteroid and your teams combadge have been modified. So your ships can get target locks the resources within two meters of your person and beam them out. The mining facilities extract the dilithium every few seconds.

Each side starts with the same amount automated mining facilities like the ones in Breaking the Planet fleet action. Except the would be much smaller scale down to half the height of a human man. What you would do is try and protect your miners while you try and destroy your opponents. With two that would give twice the amount of points as the ones you start with. You would want to capture these like the nodes now.

They would be made where quick fix would repair 10% of the damage to them each time it was used on them. They would also have some shielding so engineers could heal their shields if they were under attack.

Each side would have six of the mining facilities facing each other twice the distance of ground weapon range apart. So you would have to advance to destroy your opponents resources gatherers. The two larger ones would be the same distance behind the six up front. You would want to keep your away team alive if they die they couldn't respawn for that match players could respawn if they died.

You would want three players of your team to put two on each one of the six miners up front. With the other one player defending the large automated mining machine and the one attacking the enemies large miner. The three up front could attack the smaller miners or defend theirs or help attack the larger one.

Each players would be restricted to having no more than two of the same class on his away team. You could take two engineers and two science officers but not four of one class.

You could command tactical bridge officers with stealth between the automated miners. To flank them or on to attack the defenders at the larger on behind the lines. You would be able to command your engineers to use quick fix on a miner that was damaged and heal it's shields.

A battleground like this could get the full potential out STO ground combat mechanics.