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I try to keep up to date on engineering reports, STOked etc.. but recently I realised there was a gap in my knowledge or understanding. An alarmng gap that on first glance suggested the quite grim possibility of no new content for some time.

So we got a weekly and that series ends quite soon. It has had a 'belter' of an episode, which was great. It was much needed after the first two. They were frankly well written 'fillers' at best. No problem with that, as I like to feel part of a story rather than just a cold blooded killer. Hopefully by the end of the series we will have a similar level of repeatable gameplay that we have with the very successful Breen series.

After that we got season 3 implementation and the possibility of a 3rd series in January. No details or dates for the possible 4th. Hints it may involve the Tholians... again very nice.

What concerns me is I got the impression new content was going to be delivered via the weeklies rather than the seasons. If that is so then I am left with the rather depressing position of having no new content for two months. More staggeringly, it would mean that since the summer we have had the whopping total of 10 missions given to us. That would be frankly appalling. If 6 monts of development produces an afternoon of heavy play.

I really like the direction that STO has been heading under Stahl, and hope I have massively misunderstood the situation. Because frankly if 6 months will equate to 10 episodes, I am not sure I am prepared to wait that long for something new to do.