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# 1 New Lower Tier ships.
11-02-2010, 12:51 PM
I know that RA or VA ships are mostly in style at this time but is it possible to make new lower tier ships. I have seen this added with the addition of the excelsior and nebula classes being added to the commander tier. For example, there are several ships, mostly have been mothballed by Starfleet in previous storylines but still could be added and revamped. One type of ship I would like to see is the Kelvin class ship. It could be placed in the Lieutenant or Lieutenant Commander tiers. Other classes could be the Saladin, Renaissance, and the Yeager classes. These classes could fulfill the roles of science, cruiser and escort respectfully. The Kelvin class could fit as a science class. The latter three classes of ships could possible be placed in captain or lt. comdr. For the Klingon faction, I would like to see much more variety as well. I understand you are trying to stay true to Star Trek but as you shown with the introduction of the Star Cruisers and the Feki'ri ship, you all have great potential to create awesome vessels. Cryptic created starships would not destroy what is already created by Roddenberry but enhance it. I suggest this as there aren't many ship classes in the Klingon Empire. Also for the Federation I would like to see the Soulwolf-class lol. Its a player made ship but excellent design. Here is a link: