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11-02-2010, 05:54 PM
Being relatively new to the whole Series stuff (I came back to the game, just narrowly missing my Breen BO :<) I'm pleased that we're getting to see the "lesser" enemies and stuff of Star Trek coming back into it. I never really dug the Devidians in STNG, but godamn are they scary here.

This episode was spot on. Same here, my Flashlight wasn't working, and my lights at home were off as well. I think that made me wet myself on more than one occasion. True, the Anti-Devidian gun seems to be about par against them, but still a fun episode. Insane Hologram FTW!

Looking forward to going back in time definitely. Time travel, and dimesnion travel are the greatest things in Star Trek, and god bless Cryptic for letting us do it (though more of it would be even more awesome hint hint)

Roll on this saturday!