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11-02-2010, 05:19 PM
Season 3 Klingon Update

Just wanted to take a min to give you an update on the Klingon stuff I’ve been doing for Season 3.

First up, when the update goes live KDF members will now have the ability to craft Items. All recipes available to Federation players will also be available to the KDF. This will work exactly like it does for federation players. Raw resources will be available to the KDF via the Star Cluster maps (exploration sectors) and all of the shared mission areas such as the STF’s, Borg Space, Breen, and Dividian maps used in the weekly series.

We won’t be making a separate crafting tutorial for the KDF, however the Memory Alpha tutorial is available to new Federation characters very early so if you need a crafting tutorial you’ll need to log onto your Federation Character (or create a new one).

In addition to this the KDF has a new alternate way to gain the raw resources needed for crafting. We wanted to give KDF Players the ability to “Take” what they needed for crafting as well as the normal “gather” method already in place for the Federation Players.

With the Season 3 update I have opened up the Federation Pi Canis Sector to KDF Forces. I’ve also converted 6 systems in the sector with new KDF repeatable missions. These missions will be grouped in wrapper missions (meta-missions) called “Sorties”. For example the 6 new missions created in Pi Canis are divided into two sorties Alpha and Bravo. The sorties can be repeated every thirty minutes.

All six missions also have an optional objective in each one. You do not have to complete the optional objectives in order to complete the missions, however there is a third wrapper mission you can take that monitors completion of the optional objectives on each map. This mission is called “Path of the Warrior” and can be repeated once a day.

The optional objectives will be “challenging”, however the more people you team up with the easier they will be. They range from a simple timer on a kill mission, to disabling and looting a number of Freighters before they can warp out to safety.

All of these missions have either loaded down Federation Freighters or special stockpiles of crafting resources that can be looted by KDF players while playing the missions. The Freighters will of course have to be hunted down, disabled, and pillaged to get the resources.

The sorties and path missions are available to KDF players of any level, with special versions available to LT. Gen and Brigadier Gen that reward Marks of Valor and Emblems as well as the regular skill point rewards.

So to quickly recap, when Season 3 goes live KDF Players will be able to craft, as well as enter the Pi Canis Sector. There will also be 3 new missions available for them to complete in the sector.

Pi Canis - Sortie Alpha
Pi Canis - Sortie Bravo
Pi Canis - Path of the Warrior

When we update Tribble with the Season 3 build, I’ll start a thread for feedback on the missions. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the new stuff