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11-02-2010, 07:49 PM
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
At some point we're going to find a way to make it work and rework the entire layout of ESD as it is too spread out and clunky at the moment.

Too Spread out!?

DStahl, honey, this is supposed to be the the business part of a major spaceport for the defense wing of a Federation of hundreds of worlds, and you think what we have right now is "too spread out"?

Right now the interior of ESD feels like a cramped regional airport!

How is this; instead of a complete track running around in a circle, with a central hub, make it a curved section of the outer wall of the interior docking area, a hallway runs on a slight curve, with rooms on either side, rooms on the concave side of the hall have windows into the docking area, while rooms on the convex side of the hall have windows out to space, and Earth.

Give each type of vendor it's own space. Give weapon vendors their own room, with all the various rarities of gear purchasable from one vendor for that level, just with the different currencies. Give Kit Vendors another room, console vendors yet another, ship weapons, ship shields, ship Impulse engines, etc.. Give us a miniaturized crafting area (which does the general crafting only, for those players too low to risk the trip through the Alpha Centauri sector block and it's Romulan and Reman DSEs).

Make each end of the hall a transporter room, with beam ins allocated to both alternatively, put a turbolift at each end, as well as two in the middle as well. Redo the current ESD interior to be a social area:

1. Leave the stateroom as is, replace personnel with a small relaxation area (like Archer waited in before the founding of the Federation).

2. Replace the Bank and the Exchange with something similar to the Council Chambers seen in Star Trek IV. Put the Fleet NPC there, like it's a dedication room for the initial formation of Fleets.

3. Expand Club 47 to absorb Requisitions.

4. Replace the lower level of the shipyard and the waiting area to Quinns office with a recreational are where we can play Poker, 3-D Chess, Darts, Blackjack, and Pool, just not Dabo, leave Dabo for Drozana and DS9.

5. Replace the central hub with a transporter room with four pads (one for each corner) and put at least two turbolifts in each of the hallways, North, South, East, and West.

6. Keep Quinns Office (proper), the observation lounge, and the upper level of the shipyard.

Make all the different parts accessible by turbolift, with the upper level of the shipyard losing it's gear, weapons, and console vendors, but gaining the utilities of the lower level, streamlining the process of getting a new ship, switching to it, and modifying it to one's liking (a few windows to the docking area and some NPCs busy running it would be fricking awesome). The chief engineering officer should also be relocated here.

Make a separate deck (accessible by turbolift) for Boff utilities, a cadet review where the OIC (officer in charge) is the Boff vendor, a lecture hall where the teacher will be the Boff ability vendor, and allow you to respec. Put a med-bay in there too, with the current CMO taking residence. This deck should be yet another part of the exterior dock wall, with windows as above, but perhaps with a view out the opposite side of the station, pointed towards the Moon?

Boom, there you go, 4 main areas, social, shopping, crew management, and ship acquisition, separated into different instances, accessible by turbolift, and it all fits well functionally and is more "Trek" than the current ESD, oh, and it'll make sense that we're only seeing a few tiny parts of a much larger ESD.