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11-03-2010, 12:24 AM
Originally Posted by Warguppy View Post
I've seen in this thread a few people mention having a lot of BOs and I'm curious why have so many? I condidered getting more than 4 in case I use a 2nd ship but so far I haven't. Other than a ground dedicated group and a space dedicated group of BOs, why have so many? Just curious.
For me personally it is a mix of certain as you say a couple of dedicated ground BOs and a couple of space dedications.
However mainly it is because the customisation options appeal to me, and therefore it allows me to have a full crew which makes the game feel a lot more like Star Trek. To further that feeling you have the ability to assign back stories in the biography section and if you put that all together you start developing characters for your BOs.
So the appeal for me is more from an RP and "realism" aspect to the game that will make it more Star Trek.