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11-03-2010, 09:54 AM
The "Anti-Devidian" weapon is the Proton rifle you should have received as a reward at the end of the last episode "Spin the Wheel".

If you haven't been reading hints from the Devs, you wouldn't necessarily realize that the weapon is most effective when the Devidian target is phase-shifted, which you can figure out from the visual cues.

This means that you shouldn't rely only on the proton weapon. Damage output will require you to switch back and forth between weapons. The problem I had was correctly timing those weapon switches to the right targets. It's challenging, which is a good thing.

If the Triolic Tribble did me any good, I didn't feel it. My RA got nuked three times before he was able to complete that last room. I wasn't able to take advantage of completing the Science objectives because I had no idea how to trigger the effect.

The flashlight is a cool idea, as is the darkened environment. I couldn't get the flashlight to work for me at the time and had to suffer decreased performance so I could bump up some of the graphics settings to see anything.

Despite all of the minor annoyances, though, I really thought this was a great mission.