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11-03-2010, 11:15 AM
Originally Posted by bojo86 View Post
I wonder who this "legend" who has been mentioned in the episode 4 synopsis is? I'm sure Cryptic will deliver, I just hope it is NOT one of the following:

1. Wesley Crusher
2. Neelix
3. Dr Pulaski
4. Wesley Crusher
5. Wesley Crusher

Oh, and did I mention Wesley Crusher???
I'm thinking that since it's hinted that it's around the time that James Kirk took command of the original Enterprise, that the legend will be someone from there. I have a strong feeling that we'll see Spock because Leonard Nimoy is already a part of the game. In any case, I can hardly wait for next Saturday!

This feels like waiting for the next weekly episode on TV. Thanks Cryptic! Great job!