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Originally Posted by Warguppy View Post
I've seen in this thread a few people mention having a lot of BOs and I'm curious why have so many? I condidered getting more than 4 in case I use a 2nd ship but so far I haven't. Other than a ground dedicated group and a space dedicated group of BOs, why have so many? Just curious.
I will take it you are not fellow the trek way. well let me show you how may crew is made up.

U.S.S Benevolence Crew
Senior Staff
Commanding Office: - Vice Admiral Lrieana (Vulcan Female)
First Office: - Commander Lindayer (Betazoid Female)
Second Office: - Commander TíSoni (Vulcan Female)

Diplomatic Officer: - Etenus (Orina Female)

Gamma Shift Officer of the watch:-
Operation Personnel
Chief Operation Officer: - Lt Commander Auraya (Trill Female)

Engineering Personnel
Chief Engineer: - Commander Tali (Vulcan Female)
Deputy Chief Engineer: - Commander Naisha (Vulcan Female)
Transporter Chief: - Ensign Rocileny (Eight of Eight) Acting

Medical Personnel
Chief Medical Officer: - Lt Commander Nerys (Bajoran Female)
Counselling Staff: - Lt Commander Benezia (Betazoid Female)

Security Personnel
Tactical Officer / Intelligence Officer: - Commander TíSoni (Vulcan Female)
Security Chief: - Commander Cailynn (Vulcan Female)
Deputy Security Chief: - Lt Commander Alirath (Vulcan Female)

Sciences Personnel
Chief Science Officer: - Commander Tíshana (Vulcan Female)
Chief Astrometrics Officer:-