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11-03-2010, 03:49 PM
Are you talking about actually seeing them in the ship interior?

Bigger bridges will display more officers, the C-store ones have more (I think somebody mentioned the Destiny pack will display at least 12 officers. Not sure if Emmissary is bigger or smaller than that). I can get all of my 8 current officers on the largest non C-store bridge set, but my gorn exchange officer doesn't show on anything smaller, and if I go down to the smaller ones my Breen doesn't show up either. Smaller bridges a few others disappear on me, too.

My playing around with officer assignments, it seems that who's assigned to where doesn't effect who appears on the bridge, it seems to go down the list in order of how long you've had them. By dismissing the old tactical officer I got during the tutorial and didn't use anymore, I got my breen to display on smaller bridges, where he didn't before.

I think some stations will always have generic NPCs. There's more NPC slots on bridges than there are bridge officer slots.