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11-03-2010, 03:33 PM
Originally Posted by Sleeves
A weekly of how they were not destroyed in this timeline would be nice. In canon the star trek terran empire was wiped out but we are not in a canon timeline so they could go to town.
No no no bad!... the terran empire reformed into the terran republic... the spoon heads and klingons decided to attack the empire... they obvoiusly won... the terrans decided to rebel... at some point smiley had a son... by which time the "Terran Federation" has been formed and by the looks of it is back as a major power.. son kills smiley... Terran Federation reforms into Terran Empire Mk II.. Terran Empire go Blitzkrieg on everything to the point the mirror universe factions arnt a threat... Terran Empire decides to come to the prime universe... forms a brief alliances with the true way... ends brief alliance with true way... smileys son "dies" whatever remains of the Alliance decides its time to attack the empire... someone steals the terrans orb. Angry Terran and Klingon fleets dissapear... no idea who won that fight. ("terrans" )

........and walaaa a brief update of the terran empire by a lunatic who thinks voting Undine playable faction is a good idea.. get voting citizens!