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11-03-2010, 05:43 PM
Heya Morgomir

I had a brainfart about mirror universe mission chain. Basically involving going back through a portal to wage guerilla warfare against the mirror universe to break up their supply chain and generally disrupt their ability to expand in our dimension.

Start with a diplomatic mission cobbling together the plot somehow. Then some investigative recon work to find the location of a portal back to the MU. A clandestine type mission where you act as a mirror vessel to pass through the portal undetected. Then more clandestine saboteur type activities mixed in with open assaults on isolated outposts or supply convoys (perhaps while using a holoemitter). All dotted with playing a cat and mouse game with the mirror you (mirror of your captain, officers, ship all with evil goatees). Eventually culminating in the face-to-face square off between you both as they try to block your escape back through the portal.

Dunno if the foundry tools would have the ability to generate a mirror of the player on the fly though.