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11-03-2010, 07:11 PM
i have several planned for the Terran Empire/Undine (Fed & Klink)

Basically the Feds will get part 1 of the story... if you want to see it from another point of View... you'll have to row a klingon character

Location Pelia Sector

Fed Mission: 1

Basically ... a Npc will tell you to patrol a system in Undine space (pelia sector) you'll arrive at a class M planet with a population thats at war with the Undine. They'll greet you with open arms then reveal they've captured a Undine (who will be one of your Recuring Characters) naturally you beam down to witness this for yourself. at this point a Klingon/Terran Empire task force will arrive demanding the Undine Pilot. After battling some Klingons you'll arrive at the cell with the Undine in... at which point Terran Empire forces will beam out with the Undine. Your beam up.. and begin to Chase the lead Terran ship only to witness it pass into a Quantom singularity.

Klink Mission: 1

You'll arrive in the same system set just as the Federation taskforce has beamed to the surface. Ironically as you arrive a Terran task force decloaks. the Captain of the lead ship (Main Terran recurring character) You'll have a brief conversation and decide to destroy the Federation Task force together... Once thats done.. your beam down and do battle with Starfleet while the Terrans.. do.. somthing else... your get to a certain location to have a message from one of your ships saying "Sir, the Terran Ships have opened fire, they've boarded our Carrier.. request........" {beam up time] Your beam back to your ship to find your task force destroyed (with the exception of the carrier) and a Undine ship aducting crewmen from the carrier. after a round with some Terran ships your begin a chase for the Undine ship only to find it enter a Quantom singularity.

Mission 2 breif

Fed: You'll enter fluidic space in search of the Terran ship from the previous story.

Klink: You'll head into fluidic space to rescue your aducted crew.

Mission 3 brief

Fed: posing as a Terran Officer your witness the birth of a Alliance between the Undine and Terran Empire.
Klink: Acting as a slave to your Terran Masters () your witness the Undine execute Federation Personel.. plus serve drinks.

Episode 4<unknown atm>

Episode 5 <unknown atm>