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11-03-2010, 08:21 PM
OK. I went back and tried this on normal. Once again the balancing is way off. I breezed through the whole board, did the optional missions, then the final battle. It got to the point where I wished my BOs would die. The only real help they gave was giving more life to the enemies. So after breezing through with barely a scratch suddenly now I'm dieing over and over. Bad Balancing. I did finish it on normal and at least some of my BOs were alive to revive me on the spot so I did not have to go through the maze over and over like on advanced.

Also once again issues with the crew not keeping up and having to go back and get them. I thought this issue was fixed!!!!

I couldn't get through the door to find any switches. Most of the battle was in the hallway outside the room.
One of the BO tells you to use the proton rifle which I realized is what is meant by "anti-devidian gun" someone posted. I have been using that rifle since I got it, very strong.

I hope Cryptic isn't thinking that people who use the advanced or elite settings are maxed out with purple equipment because that is not the case, here anyway. Just looking for a little challenge.