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I want the player to have options, i.e. their decision impacts how the mission plays out.

For instance (for the Klingons out there), you need to secure a Romulan base. You will have to secure the central complex which houses most of the automated defenses and Romulan troops, (MAP 2). However, there are several other places you can beam into first and due to the need for speed during this mission you can only chose one. (MAPS 1A through 1C).

MAP 1 is essentially a corridor with troops in the hall and a few doors along the sides.

Your bridge science officer tells you:

"Sir, I can beam you down next to their primary weapons cache."
MAP 1A - Player fights through the small corridor, to a door. Player vaporizes a control panel next to the door or even shoots the door under the premise of welding it shut, presumabley preventing the troops in MAP 2 from getting their weapons.

"I've located their internal security array."
MAP 1B - Player fights through the small corridor to a different room with a number of computer consoles, and player activates one of the consoles. (Presumabley reprograming the enemy defenses.)

"Sir, I've located what appears to be their generator. If we could disable it, we could take the whole facility with little resistance!"
MAP 1C - Player fights through a small corridor to a heavy door, that despite the players best efforts cannot be destroyed or opened, so the player must beam into MAP2 without really accomplishing squat, i.e. a dead end.

Your tactical officer says, "Where would you like to beam down?"

Player selects his target, which determines which version of MAP 1 they will go through.

Now: If the player goes through MAP 1A, then weaker enemies spawn on MAP 2, (troops with no weapons or very weak ones), however the automated defenses remain in place to hinder the player.

If the player goes through MAP 1B, then instead of enemy automated turrets spawning to attack the player, friendly turrets spawn instead attacking the enemy troops on the map, giving the illusion that the player successfully reprogrammed the enemy's defenses.

If the player goes through MAP 1C, then the player is stuck fighting enemy automated turrets as well as tough guards armed with more powerful rifles as opposed to the fists or weaker pistols resulting from playing through MAP 1A.

At least, that's how I'm planning on making it work.

All handled through one dialogue selection, which determines which specific door opens on MAP 1, and determines which enemies spawn in MAP 2.