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11-04-2010, 02:03 AM
Well I plan on going over the TV shows...not to copy the storylines but to note
Different races, planets....what thier like.
Various tech stuff...what can break on a ship and such
how the shows are paced
and various ...forgive the spelling here idiocyncracies about trek...rules for transporters ect..

in doing so I have a set of rules to follow in my stories



next gen - people rarely beam directly from the bridge..only in emergency but commonly beam directly to it
DS9 - almost always use transporter pad
STO - ALWAYS use pad
Ent - use pad if a shuttle can't be used...prefer shuttle

warp core breach

next gen- dump it...can even dump it on purpose for other reasons
DS9 - if they have a warp core - most likely, they stuck with it
STO < not the new movie> not an breaches, your movie, you can dump them,
and thier are several of them ?? artistic licence I guess.
Ent, I don't think they have a warp core per say...warp breaches,,bye bye

you get the idea