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11-04-2010, 09:26 AM
Originally Posted by Fatherfungus View Post
Willaim Shattner...hell no

having text only of This is Kirk of the star ship enterprise, how may we help you?
prob. ok

having 'data' on your bridge
talking about data...fine

Star trek objects.....almost always yes
TV/movie characters as a visible NPC ...almost always no

hope that helps
Well put. They'd have to pay the actors to use their "characters" in game, which is why you don't see Quark on DS9 or any other character that should theoretically be alive in STO's timeline. Still, how much do you want to bet you'll end up seeing "KerK' or "Sishco" or many other variations?

I wonder what steps if any they will take to keep people from making insane powerlevelling stories. In CoH it got pretty bad, which made it hard to find a good UGC adventure to play when you had to weed through the crap ones.