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11-04-2010, 02:29 PM
Originally Posted by Necrion

I can give all my female officers the 7 of 9 Head Attach Tech, even when they're not liberated borg.

I also have the 7 of 9 Hands (both) borg glove for all my female officers.... except for my liberated borg bridge officer. *forehead vein twitch*

Should I also be annoyed that the 7 of 9 Head Attach Tech is the *exact* same as Borg Implant 7 ? I guess its cool if you want to have non-borg characters with borg implants... I think ?
The hand bug for the Borg officers has been fixed on Tribble, so it will hopefully make it's way to Holodeck soon.

The Head Attach Tech is nearly the same as Borg Implant 7. The implant over the eye is the same, but Seven of Nine's option includes the one below the ear as well. (I didn't even notice until I read your post, heh.)