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I'm wondering if any forethought actually went into this area.

There's nothing unique about the area aside from mingling with other LT captains and Long-time offers the same amenities as Qo'Nos and ESD and you have to enter it from both of these places anyway. There's also the fact that you can mingle with EVERY captain LT or not at Drozana station anyway in addition to having missions direct people there and a Dabo table.

Storywise why would the Klingons or Federation allow an anomaly that is in orbit around their captial planets to remain open period let alone one that they know for a fact anyone can enter from any time period?!

I'd love to see the Captain's Table destroyed but if that won't happen can we at least make it worth something? Stormshade recently said they put access in for longtime subbers because they wanted to increase traffic. All giving access to vets does is increase the number of people not going there :p

So here's what I'd propose:

For story sanity get rid of the stupid anomaly over Earth an Qo'Nos. This was, to quote a wise nerd: Worst. Idea. Ever.

Instead of a static access point right outside our capital make it a zone of it's own with access from anywhere via a Transwarp-like power on your bar while in sector space. Just like PvP upon exit you re-appear right back where you were. This would actually make it worthwhile and give it some actual traffic...Why fly all the way from Orellius to DS9 when you can just click on this power to hit a bank?!

But therein lies the problem. People complain about a lack of social interaction in this game and blame it on instancing, granted a 25-50 person cap in a social area is foolish. Grey out all ground abilities and items when in social areas and raise the cap to 100, Champs has done it and there's a lot more effects going in that game...

The bigger problem is that there are just too many social areas and not enough people to fill them. But I guess next Summer when STO goes F2P we'll have that problem solved...

Anyway, anyone else have suggestions for improving the Captain's Table? It's not that there aren't enough people with access it's just that it's yet ANOTHER social hub and there's no special reason to go there...someone wanna chime in here and offer a solution?

Or do we all agree to just stop wasting the data space and destroy the Table?