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11-04-2010, 03:48 PM
Originally Posted by StormShade
Ok, so, aside from a Dabo Table (That's a given) what else would you all like to be able to see at The Captain's Table? Lay it on me!
1.) Not just ANY Dabo table. Put in a High Roller one. 1K Energy bet or some other higher number then 100 Energy.

2.) Access to the captains table for anyone who has achieved all accolades from playing Dabo. Think VIP rooms at clubs or Casinos.

3.) Unique decorative items that can be bought only from the Captains Table shop.

4.) A BO trainer would be very helpful.

5.) Unique beverages from Cap that provide a cosmetic effect on your toon.(Burps, Hiccups, staggering, glowing)

In short make it things that are not critical to gameplay but that would make the casual player ask how you got that or are doing that.

I love the Cpatains Table, It was SO cool when it first opened. But there is really no reason to go there right now or hang out there.